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SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304

SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304

    • SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304
    • SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304
  • SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Techsafe
    Certification: ISO,CE
    Model Number: SH359C

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: 1
    Packaging Details: CTN
    Delivery Time: 7days
    Payment Terms: T/T,Western union
    Supply Ability: 100pcs/week
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material: Stainless Steel Product Name: Eye Wash Station
    Type: Safety Shower And Eye Wash Usage: To Reduce The Level Of Injury

    SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304

    SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304

    Item no.:
    Product name:Wall mounted eye wash,SS304
    2.Valves: 1/2″corrosion- resistant brass galvanized ball valve..
    3.Water supply: 1/2″IPS
    4.Water outlet: 11/4″IPS
    5.Flow control: 9~11L/Min
    6.Hydraulic pressure: 0.2MPA~0.8MPA
    7.Original waster: Clean or leached water.
    8.Operation condition: Eye Wash & Showers option for almost every industrial situation.

    SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304SH359C-Wall mounted eye wash,SS304

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    Personal Protective Equipment:Emergency shower & Safety eye wash,Drench shower,Safety shower,Face wash bath,Eyewash station,Emergency shower.OSHA,ANSI  Z358.1-2004,CE certificate.ISO9001:2008.


    Wall Mounted Eye Washer Instuction(SH359C/D)


    *Packing list

    Please check the quantity of the fittings according to the following lists after unpacking,check whether there is damage transport, if there is any question or qualitative deficiencies,please get in touch with the local franchiser of our company or our company immediately,you will receive the satisfactory reply.


    Number Name Quantity
    1 Eye Wash sprayer head 1 set
    2 Eye wash bowl 1 pc
    3 Main Body 1 set
    4 Wall Mounted Bracket 1 pc
    5 Switch Push Board 1pc


    The emergency eye washer have already been adopted extensively by the most factories and the laboratories of the developed industrial countries of foreign countries,it is the indispensable apparatus of the security and the labors protection. It can make use of reducing the injure of acid,alkali, organic matter and other poisonous corrosive material. It can be extensively apply to petrochemical industry chemical industry, semiconductor industry, medical manufacturing industry, etc.

    *Defining for eye wash

    As the splash of chemical liquid taking place to staff member's body, face, eyes or the staff members’ clothes cause the fire, it is the effective safe protection articles to minimize the dangerous.

    *Main performance parameter

    Pressure grade MPa Flux L/min Applicable condition
    Nominal pressure Sealed pressure Working pressure



    Pure water of normal atmospheric temperature or according with the sanitary standard
    0.4 0.45 0.20~0.80

    The choice of the main performance parameter according to USA ANSI Z358.1-2004, in order to lighten harmful substance to human skin, eyes injury of top layer and simulate when accidents make happened.


    *Structure characteristic

    1.Making use of the ball valve to control the eye wash. Easy to operate,open and close it fast , it is reliable to close.

    2.The flux regulation and control valve can regulate by oneself. (Regulation method can refer to installing and debugging).

    *Main material

    1. The material of main body is 304 stainless steel.

    2. Eye wash bowl: 304 stainless steel.

    3. Eye wash head:ABS.


    *Installing and debugging

    1. Must re-inspect the type of the products, certificate of quality, operation instructions, case the list before installation.

    2. The installation site should from within the accident lively to suffer from 15 meter, in order to run 10 second within the place can reach.

    3. Install stand of wall: draw the punch position according the wall screw hole, install M10 swell screw to fix the wall stand.

    4. Connect the body part: part of body and flat of wall connected byG1¼ Screw Nut (the 5TH) and screw on. And then connect the bowl and the eye-washing sprayer head.

    5. Put through into the water pipe, drain pipe. Check whether the ball valve switch is flexible, is put in place; has phenomenon of locking.

    • The regulation method of the flux regulation valve: the middle of the two tubes is the flux regulation valve. Have already been debugged it well when leaving factory. But because of the difference of the hydraulic pressure, flux of water, can regulate again at the scene, to be suitable for the human eyes when installing. The method of adjust: unscrew the helmet, adjust the adjustive pole with screwdriver, and turn it clockwise, the flux will be small, and turn it widdershins, the flux will be bigger.


    *Operation method

    Please push the board clockwise, when you need eye washing, and the eye wash sprayer will work; when pullback the board widdershins, the eye wash sprayer will be shut-off.



    1. This facility is just used for emergency washing, do not use for shower. Please check the facility according to the rules and regulars. Make sure the facility will work well when there are accidences.

    2. Activate shower at least weekly, to ensure the equipment dependability and validity. This equipment can not provide medical treatment; it can just reduce the hurt to the minimum degree by washing.

    3. When an accident happens, please decide the showering time according to the hurt and prepare the medical treatment.

    *The conk out and solutions

    No. Conk out Cause Solution

    The shower outlet

    flux is small

    A the diameter of inlet pipe is small

    B the filter has foreign objects

    A change the inlet pipe

    B remove the foreign objects


    The eye wash sprayer

    outlet flux is small

    A the adjustment rob is overdo

    B the adjustment valve is blocked

    A turn the rob anti-clockwise

    B wash the valve

    3 The eye wash sprayer outlet flux is large The adjustment rob is under-do Turn the rob clockwise
    4 The seep in the basin is more The outlet is blocked Remove the foreign object


    Combination Unit Stainless Steel Combination Unit Emergency Shower and Eye/Face Wash
    Pipe Standard: 1-1/4 inch stainless steel pipe (304SS) and fittings, with stainless steel rod providing additional support overhead; 5 inch diameter floor flange
    Shower Head: shall be between 82" (208.3 cm) and 96" (248.3 cm) above floor.
    Valve and Actuator Stay open Type 316 stainless steel ball valve actuated by rigid stainless steel pull rod.
    Hands-free” stay-open valve Hands-free” stay-open valve activates in one second or less. The eye wash should also include be foot Controls.
    Means of activating the emergency fixtures by stepping on a foot pedal which activates the stay-open valves of the eye, eye/face wash and or shower. These can be used in conjunction with standard
    Category of specification  
      emergency fixture activation methods.
    At 60" (152.4 cm) above floor At 60" (152.4 cm) above floor, the water pattern must be at least 20" (50.8 cm) in diameter.
    actuator Easily located, accessible actuator no higher than 69" (173.3 cm) above floor
    Eye/Face Wash: Eye/Face Wash:
    Eyewash Outlet heads shall be positioned between 33" (83.8 cm) and 45" (114.3 cm) from the floor.
    Protect outlet head Protect outlet heads from airborne contaminants.
    Valve actuator shall be easy to locate and readily accessible to user.
    Hands-free” stay-open valve shall activate in one second or less.
    Category of specification  
    Unit must deliver (litre must deliver) at least 3.0 GPM (11.4 litres) (for eye/face wash) or 0.4 GPM (1.5 litres) (for eye wash) for 15 minutes.
    5.2 Size, Testing Area and Weight (ergonomet ric)  
    5.3 Spare part All require components shall be supplied with the set
    6 Authenticat ed Testimonial/ Credential/ Certificate/ and Document 6.1 All documentations shall be in English and submitted in hard and soft copy.
      6.2 The bidder shall submit the documents includes, but not limited, maintenance and user manual,
    brochure of the machine, application notes and certificates
    7 7.1 Instrument shall be packed using over load and over travel protection built In
      7.2 Appropriate shock watch label should be emplaced in the package


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